Why choose Homeroom?

Homeroom offers children a unique after school learning experience that emphasizes small group classes, high quality teachers and active engagement with parents.

What does a Homeroom class look like?

Homeroom teachers know how to make learning fun and engaging for kids. All lessons are age appropriate and include projects, songs and movement. The hour is broken up into one-on-one, small group and independent work.

How large is a Homeroom group?

At Homeroom, we prioritize a small student to teacher ratio and keep our groups between 4-8 kids.

Why small groups?

In addition to allowing more personalization and an ability to work at a speed that is appropriate for all students, research also shows that small group learning inspires confidence, builds teamwork, and helps children retain material longer.

Who teaches the class?

Homeroom screens for the best teachers ensuring deep content expertise, passion for education, relevant classroom experience and an ability to make lessons age appropriate.

Homeroom teachers are full-time teachers, part-time teachers, substitute teachers, retired teachers and individuals completing their teaching credentials.

How do we engage parents?

Following each session, teachers complete a short follow-up that outlines what your child was working on. Each week this note is emailed out to our families along with follow-up activities to encourage learning to go beyond the classroom This same note also allows families and teachers to track student progress over time.

How long is a Homeroom class?

Homeroom sessions run for one hour.

How often does the class meet?

Homeroom offers classes that run both once and twice a week.

For foreign languages, we encourage families to enroll in twice a week class to allow your child more time to learn and practice their new language.

How old does a child need to be in order to enroll?

Homeroom works with children in Pre-K through 5th Grade.


Homeroom classes range between $25-$30 a class.

What subjects are offered?

Homeroom offers a variety of after school subjects from reading to writing to foreign languages. We work with each site to determine which subject is currently missing from their program.