Support your child's academic confidence

Homeroom offers small group tutoring & language classes with credentialed teachers

Due to our highly selective pool of teachers, we have a family application process.

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How Homeroom works

Homeroom connects families to experienced teachers that lead small group (max 4 students) enrichment sessions for Pre-K-5th Grade students. For $150 a month, a family enrolls their child in a 60 minute session that meets once a week.

After completing our application:

1. We schedule an in-person meeting to better understand your child's learning style. 

2. We will enroll your child in a class that matches his or her needs. If we do not have a group that is perfect for your child, we will hand select a teacher to start a new class. 

3. In partnership with you, we map out the general class content and then open the group to other students with similar learning styles.

4. If we start a new group for your family, we do require you to help fill the class by sharing the opportunity with local families. We provide all the text for you, so its incredibly simple. 

Please note that we pride ourselves on ensuring the sessions are highly personalized, so the process can take 3-4 weeks.

Our promise to you

Every child learns differently. We tailor our sessions to help your child build academic confidence and reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom. 

Teachers on Homeroom 

Have classroom experience

Understand Common Core Standards 

Know the developmental stages of a child 

Help children build the confidence to succeed

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Our teacher is truly amazing. My son, Emmett was behind on his reading. She created an individual study plan and has been helping him with his reading. After less than a month, he received an award from school. Do I need to say more?! My son loves her and enjoys every lesson with her. Thank you for making his learning enjoyable.

- Candice T. 

Our son is enjoying his kindergarten experience, because our teacher is focused on fostering not only his academic goals but his inner confidence. We also love the emails she sends us! It's very rare you get an email that you actually look forward to receiving, but her commentary demonstrates how well she knows our son.